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Sena And NUVIZ Join Forces

    Remember the old saying that two heads are better than one? Well, we firmly believe in its wisdom, and we’re thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with Sena, the global frontrunner in Bluetooth innovation for motorcycling, action sports, and outdoor lifestyles. Together, we’re embarking on a joint venture to provide the motorcycling community with a groundbreaking product, slated for release in early 2018.

    Marcel Rogalla, NUVIZ’s CEO, expresses the significance of this collaboration: “Teaming up with Sena, the market leader in Bluetooth communication systems for bikers, and our expertise as the sole creators of Head-Up Display technology for motorcycling is a powerful collaboration. It brings together a wealth of experience, resources, and marketing prowess for the benefit of all riders.” We anticipate introducing this innovative joint product development venture to the receptive motorcycling community in early 2018, and we’re excited to nurture this partnership for the long haul.

    Tae Kim, SENA’s CEO, expresses his delight in collaborating with the seasoned NUVIZ team on this project and eagerly anticipates the unveiling of this groundbreaking innovation. He states, “Both companies share a profound commitment to the safety and comfort of motorcyclists globally, which is why I have full confidence that this partnership will bring forth a crucial and long-awaited new solution for our riders.”

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