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Nuviz – Head-up Display

NUVIZ introduces the world’s first all-in-one motorcycle Head-Up Display (HUD) that seamlessly integrates navigation, communication, an action camera, and music in a single device.

Simplifying Your Ride with NUVIZ

NUVIZ is the ultimate solution for riders looking to streamline their riding experience. It consolidates multiple technological functions into one helmet-mounted device, eliminating the need for separate gadgets for music, action cameras, navigation, and communication. This means less distraction, less fuss, and more focus on the road ahead. Say goodbye to mounts and cables cluttering your bike or gear—NUVIZ brings it all together in one efficient, distraction-free package.

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The Unrivaled All-in-One Head-Up Display

NUVIZ stands alone as the sole all-in-one motorcycle Head-Up Display (HUD) with intuitive controls designed to reduce distraction and enhance your ride. It provides customized information directly within your natural line of sight, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road and your mind on the ride.

Distraction-Free Riding with NUVIZ

A true riding experience is one without distractions. NUVIZ ensures a hassle-free, connected journey by integrating all necessary modern technology into a single device. With NUVIZ, there’s no drama or fuss, just you, your machine, and the open road. By removing distractions, NUVIZ enables you to stay focused and keep your eyes on the road.

The All-in-One Device that Replaces All Others

NUVIZ is a compact, user-friendly Head-Up Display (HUD) that combines all the essential device functions you need into one intuitive, distraction-free device. It encompasses navigation, communication, an action camera, and music, allowing you to concentrate solely on the ride itself.

  • Navigating Your Journey Plan your adventures, navigate routes with turn-by-turn directions, access map views, speed limits, and more, all with NUVIZ’s built-in GPS. Say goodbye to the need for your phone during your ride to find your destination.
  • Music on the Move Enjoy your favorite music from Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, or Google Play, streamed directly from your phone to your NUVIZ HUD.
  • Photo and Video Capture photos instantly with a simple touch of a button and effortlessly record videos on the go with NUVIZ’s integrated action camera.
  • Seamless Communication With NUVIZ, you can receive and make calls while seeing who’s on the line, all through the integrated headset.


To fully embrace the Head-Up Display experience, download the NUVIZ app from the App Store or Google Play. This app complements the HUD, allowing you to plan routes, save favorite rides, access photos taken with NUVIZ, review your riding statistics, and more.