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Teaming up With Schuberth

    We’re thrilled to share a game-changing development in the world of motorcycle technology: NUVIZ and Schuberth have teamed up to offer riders an extraordinary blend of innovation and safety. Our shared commitment to redefining the riding experience has brought together two industry leaders, and the possibilities are endless.

    What Does This Partnership Mean for Riders?

    At NUVIZ, our mission has always been to enhance your journey on two wheels by providing cutting-edge Head-Up Display technology. Now, with the support of Schuberth, a renowned helmet manufacturer known for its unwavering dedication to safety and quality, we’re taking that mission to the next level.

    The fusion of NUVIZ and Schuberth’s expertise means you can expect seamless integration between our Head-Up Display and Schuberth’s premium helmets. This collaboration isn’t just about convenience; it’s about your safety, too. The combined offering will ensure that riders have access to critical information right in their line of sight, making navigation, communication, and music control easier and safer than ever before.

    What’s on the Horizon?

    As we embark on this exciting partnership, you can look forward to a range of innovations designed to elevate your riding experience. From perfectly integrated helmet displays to exclusive bundles that combine the best of NUVIZ and Schuberth, the future is looking bright for motorcycle enthusiasts.

    Our teams are hard at work, brainstorming, designing, and engineering new solutions that will transform your rides. Together, we’re forging a path towards smarter, safer, and more connected journeys on two wheels.

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